VINUM PETRI sàrl: Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Application of the terms and conditions of sale

In the absence of a special provision in these terms and conditions and written agreements between the parties, orders will automatically be subject to these terms and conditions of sale, irrespective of the provisions that may appear in the purchaser's documents. These terms and conditions shall apply in particular to the sale of Vinum Petri sàrl's products online. They shall be provided to the purchaser automatically on the home page of the Vinum Petri sàrl website. Purchasers only need click "Terms and Conditions of Sale" to see the terms and conditions for their order, before even starting the ordering process. Consequently, the fact of placing an order implies the purchaser's full and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale, with the exclusion of any other documents such as sales literature or catalogues published by the seller and for information purposes only. The fact that the seller does not rely upon any one of these terms and conditions at any given time may not be construed as a waiver of its right to rely upon any one of these terms and conditions at a later date. All our offers are subject to available stocks. In view of the rare or speculative character of particular products, restrictions may apply to the quantities available. Vinum Petri sàrl therefore reserves the right to refuse an order under the afore-mentioned circumstances.

2. Ordering process

First of all customers make a request to order the desired products and confirm this with a click. Availability is confirmed by return email. If the wine ordered is out of stock, Vinum Petri sàrl will notify the customer as soon as possible. Upon approval by the customer, Vinum Petri sàrl may amend the order, for example with the next vintage year or an equivalent wine. Once the order has been specified, an invoice will be issued by Vinum Petri sàrl and sent to the customer by email.
The client will then be invited to return to the Vinum Petri sàrl website in order to make payment.

Payment for goods and/or the service purchased from Vinum Petri sàrl is due in full when placing the final order.

Payments shall be made by secure online payment or by bank transfer.

The order will be made up once Vinum Petri sàrl has received payment.

3. Delivery

Delivery of the good(s) ordered will be made to the purchaser's address or to an address given when placing the order, to be calculated from the time the purchase order and payment are received (except in the case of force majeure). The delivery time for each product according to the destination is given on the website. Delivery time for products already ordered is reiterated in the order confirmation received by email. If the customer has ordered several products, where the delivery times are different, it is the longest delivery time that shall be applied to the entire order. This delivery time is specified as precisely as possible, but it may differ depending on Vinum Petri sàrl's options for supply and transport and on weather conditions. Failures to observe the delivery deadline shall not lead to claims for damages, to withholding of payments, nor to cancellation of orders in progress. In any event, timely delivery is only possible if the customer has given the seller exact details of the recipient's address. In case of mistakes, Vinum Petri sàrl shall not be held liable for the inability to deliver the merchandise at the requested time and place. Upon receipt of the merchandise, it behoves the recipient to check the condition of the merchandise upon receipt and to make any observations necessary in the case of breakage, damage or missing goods by noting their reservations on the delivery note, and within three (3) days following receipt of the merchandise send it by recorded delivery with signature upon receipt to the seller, with a copy to the shipper for their information.

4. Delivery costs

Delivery costs are given on the website depending on the destination. These prices include insurance coverage up to 500 euro per parcel. This insurance covers compensation in case of loss, theft or breakage. All other risks, such as for instance damage to labels during transport, a corked flavour, weakness in old corks during transport etc. are the purchaser's risk. For parcels with a value exceeding 500 euro, it is possible, when placing the order and for an additional payment at the purchaser's expense, to take out a special insurance policy covering higher values. The amount for this additional insurance will be specified when the order is placed.

5. Pricing

in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
The price specified on the website is exclusive of taxes.
The applicable rate for Luxembourg VAT will be added.

6. Presentation of products 

The characteristics of products and the condition of old bottles offered for sale are described on Vinum Petri sàrl's website. The photographs are not included in the scope of the contract. The company of Vinum Petri sàrl shall not be held liable if errors are made there. All the texts and images on the Vinum Petri sàrl website are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights; any reproduction of them, even in part, is prohibited.

7. Guarantees

Wines offered for sale on the Vinum Petri sàrl website are mostly very old and very rare wines, sometimes even unique items. These rarities are sold without guarantee and without any right to return goods. Vinum Petri shall ascertain, to the best of their knowledge and ability, the origin, conditions of storage and traceability of their products. Nevertheless Vinum Petri assumes no contractual liability, if after the sale it proves that bottling took place significantly later than the maturing process (vinification) of the wine or in the case of recorking, topping up or relabelling, without evidence that Vinum Petri had been knowingly aware of such facts. Vinum Petri sàrl assumes no liability with regard to the contents of the bottles sold.

8. Rescission of the contract

If the customer fails to make payment on the agreed due date plus one month at the latest, the sale will automatically be rescinded at the seller's discretion, with reimbursement of any advance payments made by the purchaser.

9. Competent court and applicable laws

In the case of any legal dispute, the courts with jurisdiction shall only be those in the judicial district of Luxembourg and applicable law shall be Luxembourg law. If necessary, it behoves a foreign purchaser to check with local authorities regarding the restrictions and possibilities for using and importing the product they intend to order.

10. Protection of minors

In accordance with the law that stipulates that sale of alcohol to minors under the age of eighteen (18) is prohibited, the purchaser undertakes, in completing the purchase order form, to have reached the age of eighteen (18) years by the date of order.

11. Any correspondence should be addressed to the address of the registered offices of Vinum Petri sàrl which is:

Vinum Petri sàrl
39, rue Enz
L-5532 Remich
VAT: LU 24229234
39, rue Enz